• CAYA LED Solar grave light

    1.Are you looking for an kind of grave light with 24hrs light on? you are so luck,and we have promoted solar led grave light, which is power by solar source,and 24hrs light on with the condition of no wind and rain. panel supply 3. Model No: CY-GA1  Product Description: solar grave light Minimum  Solar panel : Material: Plastic Remark: over 50, 000…[2013-12-09]

  • Russia’s 2013 international lighting fair

    caya will attend Russia’s 2013international lighting fair[2013-12-03]

  • Awesome zigbee light bulb

    Awesome Awesome zigbee light bulb system,very automatic and fun in future lighting,a module can control the whole house’s lamp, Dimmable,color temperature ,just a WIFI controller,one led zigbee light bulb 、and a phone with Zigbee APP can help you achieve this. [2013-12-03]

  • The development trend of LED lighting, outdoor new media

    First, the outdoor polarized trend, new media is a popular trend, a is the trend of the super segmentation. Since focus out everyone fully accept the concept of segmentation, sometimes even to the point of flooding. Now new outdoor media major or channels of media, the main points of contact from the audience[2013-10-12]

  • Multi-fiber high power LED integrated LED street lamp with single core advantage

    Multi-fiber high-power LED street light 1, the lamp shell is made of aluminum alloy die-casting forming, can effective heat dissipation and waterproof, dustproof. Ultraviolet corrosion resistant treatment was conducted on the surface of lamps and lanterns, lamps and lanterns of overall reach IP65 standards; [2013-10-12]

  • Why has to break into the office field LED floodlight market

    Now LED floodlight market, outdoor lighting and public lighting is a very large market, now the application is also many, however, office lighting applications currently LED omni lights is more difficult, why is this? A strong position of T5 fluorescent lamp lighting in the office The current office lighting mainly with T5 fluorescent lamp is given priority to, because th…[2013-10-12]

  • Guangzhou international lighting fair

    Caya lighting Co., LTD of the guangzhou international lighting fair, China (Shanghai) international hotel and building lighting ZhuanYeZhan exhibitions at the high power LED display series constant current direct driving power and lighting products, with environmental protection,powerful laser pointer, science and technology, the fashion advantage, has won many domestic and foreign buyers…[2013-09-14]

  • Caya attent 2013 HK Autumn Lighting Fairs

    Great News,Caya Lighting CO.,Ltd finished the Autumn lighting fairs of HK successfully,great talent in booth design and production promotion,caya lighting achieve more,and we believe in that caya light will step another height.[2013-11-07]